Important factors that can literally make or break your Lash Experience.

Please note: To ensure the longevity of your lash extensions it is very important to adhere to both the prep and aftercare instructions.

Before your Lash Appointment

Avoid mascara 24 hours prior to the appointment. The more days you avoid wearing mascara prior to lash extension application the better your results will be. Avoid waterproof mascara or eyeliner for one week prior to appointment.

Avoid any oil around your eyes 24-48hrs prior to lash application. This includes oil-based makeup remover, eye-creams and sunscreen.

Please arrive with clean makeup-free eyes. Mascara residue and oils need to be removed completely with a non-oil based makeup remover and mild cleanser. If your lashes are not clean we cannot ensure the extensions will last as makeup residue and oil on your lashes will not allow the adhesive to fully bond to the lash.

Avoid any type of caffeine before your appointment if your eyes tend to flutter. Your health and safety is top priority, fluttering eyes may require you to re-schedule your appointment for another day.

Shower/wash hair before your appointment. It is recommended that you shower and wash your hair before your appointment. Your new lashes will not be able to get wet for at least 24 hours after application. This includes steam from the bathtub, rinsing off in the shower, working out and standing over boiling water (steam).

Lash Aftercare

Avoid water or moisture for the first 24 hours after lash application. Any type of moisture should be avoided- such as steam rooms, swimming, steam from the bathtub and working out. Think of it like getting your nails polished – nail polish can feel dry to the touch, but take 24 hours to completely ‘cure’ from the outside in. (As you know with nail polish within the first 24 hrs. you can easily smear your newly polished nails, it is the same for your new lash extensions.)

Wash your face daily. Don’t be afraid of messing up your lashes after the first 24 hours. Oils from your skin build up on your lashes and will cause loss if not properly washed off. Even more importantly, lash extensions increase the surface area available for bacteria build up around your eyes and not washing can lead to irritation or infection. Every day, simply wash your eyes/lashes with a mild oil-free cleanser, gently clean the lashes with a clean dedicated soft eye shadow makeup brush and rinse with water.

Brush you lashes daily. Lashes get may get tangled and twisted during sleep and as your natural lashes grow out. It is important to brush your lashes to keep them groomed. Once they get twisted and tangled – they will start to pull out your natural lash and may cause pain and discomfort.

Do not rub your eyes, tug, and pull or twist your lashes. You can damage your natural lashes and will have to wait until those lashes grow out again.

Do not remove lashes on your own. A professional must remove lashes. If you pull off the lash extensions – you will also pull out your natural lash and have to wait until your lashes grow back within your natural growth cycle.
It is recommended for the longevity of your lashes that products used around your eyes be oil free. Oil breaks up the integrity of the lash adhesive and causes the extensions to peel and then fall off. Check your cleanser, face creams, eye makeup, sunscreen, makeup remover, etc. (You can use oil blotting tissues after you use your eye cream or if you have oily skin.)

Try to sleep on your back. Especially during the first 24 hours. (You can also try a satin pillowcase or molded eye mask). The lashes will be bonding during that time, so if you sleep on your face or to the left or right you might wake up with the lashes smashed and twisted and they will be permanently bonded that way. After 24 hours they are a little more resilient, but the extensions still run the risk of being damaged if they are rubbed hard.

Swimming and working out. Rinse your lashes with tap water or give them a gentle washing after you swim or work out. Salt is a solvent, which can weaken the adhesive as will oil.

Tears, crying and watering eyes. Rinse your lashes with tap water or give them a gentle washing after your eyes water. Salt is a solvent, which can weaken the adhesive as will oil.

No waxing, peels, other chemical treatments. Other ‘pampering’ appointments on the same day, such as waxing, chemical peels, facials, etc. should be avoided.

Other chemical treatments. Same day exposure to other chemicals such as hair dye may trigger dormant allergies when combined with ‘cyanoacrylate’ the active ingredient in lash adhesive.


To maintain the fullness of your lashes we recommend refills every 2-3 weeks. If it has been more than 3 weeks (21 days), please schedule a Full Set when booking. Please note we recommend 2 refills per Full Set to keep the client's natural lashes healthy. Shedding. It is natural for a few lashes to shed within the first few days of having your lash extensions applied. Every 2-3 weeks, we naturally shed 25%-35% of our natural lashes and have new growth in its place. Lash shedding depends on your natural lash growth cycle, your adherence to aftercare and other factors. Lash shedding will vary from appointment to appointment there is no predicting how long your lashes will last, that is why it is important to come in for a refill appointment every 2-3 weeks.

Removal. Lashes MUST be removed by a professional DO NOT try to remove lashes on your own if you do so, it is highly likely you will pull out your natural lashes. Removal takes 15-30 minutes. You can also allow your lashes to fall out naturally over time.

General Information

Types of lash extensions. Lash extensions come in mink, faux mink, silk and synthetic. The length, curl, thickness and color of the lashes are customized for you, We will do an extensive consultation prior to the appointment where we will discuss your personal style, your life style, your desired look. Results will depend on the length and diameter of your natural lash and how well you adhere to the aftercare instructions.

The adhesive. All adhesives and tape that are used are medical grade. We have several different types of adhesive, including adhesive for sensitive eyes. The active ingredient in all lash adhesives is CYANOACRYLATE. The adhesive is latex-free. Although the adhesive never touches the skin, the fumes may cause sensitivity and irritation.